Physiologic Genu Varum

Physiologic Genu Varum

What is Physiologic Genu Varum?

Physiologic Genu Varum occurs to children when they have curving or bowing of their legs. In the first 12 months of life, bowed legs are normal. The legs are naturally bow outward and begin to straighten as the toddler grows. For most children, the bowing tends to improve by about 18 months, but in many children, it persists a little longer. By age 4, it is common to see the child become knock-kneed, and then by age 7-10 the legs have usually straightened. Bowing may be due to an abnormality of the growth plate at the top of the shin bone at the knee, infection or a specific condition affecting the bones.

Diagnosis of Physiologic Genu Varum

May want to take an x-ray of the legs. Physicians will also consider x-rays for patients who have bowing that is not getting better after age 2-3 years. The appearance of the x-ray will help determine if treatment is necessary.

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