Avascular Necrosis


What is Avascular Necrosis?

Bones are living tissue which they rely on blood vessels to bring blood to keep them alive. If one blood vessel is damaged it may not cause problems, since there may be a backup blood supply coming in from a different direction. But certain joints of the body have only a few blood vessels that bring in blood. One of these joints is the hip. When the blood supply is damaged, it is called Avascular Necrosis (AVN) of the hip. Another name for this condition is Osteonecrosis.

Symptoms of Avascular Necrosis

  • Pain felt in groin area, buttock area and down the front of the thigh
  • Limping
  • Stiffness in the hip joint


Causes of Avascular Necrosis

  • Fractures of the femoral neck
  • Dislocation of the hip out of the socket
  • Smoking


Treatment for Avascular Necrosis


Self-Diagnose can bring more harm than treating it. It is good to know more about the injury but definitely not to the point of self-treatment. It will be much safer to get treated by Our Doctor, for more information or to book an appointment with Singapore Sports and Orthopaedic Clinic, you can call (+65) 6475 8011 , the hotline is open 24 hours. You may also send us an enquiry for appointment.

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