Our Service

Singapore Sports and Orthopaedic Clinic offers services such as:

Professional Orthopedic Consultation

Our Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon, has more than 20 years experiences in treating orthopaedics problem ranging from common orthopedic problem, sport injuries and degenerative joint. With his years of expertise, be assured that you will be receiving professional treatments that is best for your condition.

Patient Condition

Want to know more about your orthopaedic problem or injuries?
We treats almost all of the orthopaedic problem or sports injury which is suffered by people around the world.

Clinical Investigation

Most of the orthopaedic conditions requires Radiologic Investigation so as to allow the doctor have a clearer understanding of what is going on inside your bone.
These are the commonly used Radiologic Investigation Procedure:

The different type of investigation varies depending on the condition you are suffering from. We will advise on the proper radiologic investigation that is best suited for you in order to find out the cause of the injury.

Outpatient treatments:

We do know that some of our patient will prefer to get medication or injection rather than staying in hospital to have it treated. Below are some of the list that is commonly used:


We provide medication of our patient such as:

You will be able to purchase the medication if it is prescribe by  Doctor Kevin Yip Man Hing or you have a medical report which prove doctor’s recommendation to buy those pills.


Injection is a faster and more effective treatment than medication. And there are several types of injection which is mainly used for pain relief, anti-inflammatory or repair of muscle tissue uses.

Cast / Brace

We do provide and sell cast or brace in order to help our patient to stablise the bone as to allow it to recover faster.


Physio-therapy is one of the conservative treatments that used in orthopedic. It is commonly used for strengthening and relieving pain suffered from past trauma injury. However, it is not a treatment which a lot of people have a big misconception about.

Shockwave Therapy (ESWT)

Shock Wave Therapy is a new technique used for treatment of conditions such as tennis elbow, heel spur (platar fasciitis), shoulder pain. Conditions which are more difficult to treat with conventional physiotherapy and steroid injections.

Inpatient treatment (Surgery)

Below are some of the list that we specialise in: