Singapore Orthopaedic Specialist

Suffering from muscle pain?
Restricting your movement?
Felt pain when you move you limbs?

You are Looking at the right Doctor in need for Singapore Orthopaedic Specailist that is able to help you solve all your issues regarding your orthopaedic problems.
We do understand that each individual patient will prefer different way of approach of treatment, for example patient that only wants medication without any injection or surgery and most common is that they prefer it to be fast and effective so that they are able to return back to their daily life without any orthopaedic problem hindering their movement. If in need of surgery, we providing arthroscopic which is a minimally invasive surgical (MIS) procedure whereby a small insertion will be insert to the joints to repair it. Compare to the conventional method whereby you will need to open a big wound in order to see and repair it now with the latest technology of the medical field, the recovery of the surgery will be reduce and it will not like scars behind which a lot of our patient is concerned about.

In Singapore Sports and Orthopaedic Clinic, we believe in honesty and commitment towards our patient as we want them to know in details about each individual treatment and medication are use for, so that you are not wasting every cent of your money. Our Friendly staff is able to assist you in answering your enquiries and even down to helping you claim your insurance from all the insurance company in the world.

Singapore Orthopaedic Specialist is able let you understand more about your condition and how to prevent them, feel free to call us for any enquiries at (+65) 6471 2691

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