Physiotherapy is one of the many ways that we are able help when our body. The human body consist of hundreds of different muscles and joints that can cause us pain when they are not working correctly. With the aid of a physiotherapist these problems can be eliminated.

To reduce pain and increase the healing process a physiotherapist uses a variety of techniques with the injured muscles and tissue damage. They aid the patient in relearning how to use the muscle correctly again due to his/her injury which has cause the muscle or joint to malfunction and thus not used to the movement as it is before. The advice that is offered in rehabilitating people is valuable and can assist prevention and also reoccurring damage. That may happen at anytime in life.

Physiotherapy is usually the following up of treatment after orthopaedic surgery. This treatment has great value in the treatment of muscles and joints following a fracture. Getting the limbs movement back quickly via a routine of treatments, speed up the recovery by exercising both upper and lower limbs.

There are many uses for physiotherapy including helping to recover from sports injuries, joint pains, arthritis and spinal issues. There are various treatments depending on the problem that has occurred. These include electrotherapy, acupuncture, manipulation, hydrotherapy and mobilization exercises to name a few. This usually happens through out patients clinics and if you are unable to travel, a home visit. This versatility allows the treatment to be very adaptable.

Whilst in hospital, this treatment assists in post-operative patients to regain movement quickly as there are specialist areas including high dependency, intensive care and urology. Respiratory or chest problems following a general anesthetic can also be prevented with a visit from the physiotherapist.

This field has a wide range of specialist areas allowing treatments to be a valuable help to people with vascular conditions, including those that have required an amputation. Recurring treatment from a physiotherapist aids people of all ages to adapt to prosthetic limbs and be able to lead a normal life. Women and men that have had the need for breast surgery are vulnerable to a condition known as lymphedema where manual drainage and the right exercises assists in reducing the swelling and discomfort.

Advice and treatment throughout pregnancy, plus during the early post natal period for the mother, helps. Parent craft classes assist in a faster and healthier recovery after gynecological surgery. Many women suffer from embarrassing problems following child birth and later in life, one of these is incontinence. Advice plus treatment from a physiotherapist aids in the reduction and prevention of this problem.

The never ending list of conditions that can benefit from physiotherapy includes chest problems, walking difficulties, multiple sclerosis, and spinal injury together with head injuries, osteoporosis and neurological disease. Stroke victims also find this treatment a great help. A physiotherapist offers advice on the management of muscle spasms and pain, giving the person the maximum movement potential. Physiotherapy offers treatment for the relief of pain and to get maximum movement restored to joints and muscles.

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