7 Home Remedies for Joint Pain

Many times in life, body pains as such may inevitably affect our living lifestyle and even cause inconvenience to our lives, as moving of joints is almost indispensable.

Basically the causes of joint pain can be triggered by various injuries and conditions besides aging. It may be a result of sports injury, excessive straining due to the overuse of joints, or even be one of the symptoms for arthritis. Hence it is important to understand your body well and detect the symptoms early as an average person may not be able tell if it’s the joints or a torn tendon.

1. Take a shower with warm water

2. Consumption of banana

3. Intake of carrot juice

4. Use hot and cold compresses on the painful areas of your joints

5. Joint Pain Exercises

6. Warm olive oil massage

7. Mixture of carrot juice and lemon juice

Although there is no permanent cure for joint pain, but changing your lifestyle and taking good care of your body can yield positive results on a long run. Start keeping up to a weekly or daily exercising habit as workouts can effectively help in reducing the pain in the joints.

Nov 18, 2011      //   Orthopaedic Article  //  1 Comment

1 Comment

  • The remedies you suggest here for joint pain, seems to me very effective. I’ll use these remedies if I suffer from joint pain. Thanks :)

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