Insurance Coverage

Employment Health Benefits
If you are currently employed, your company’s Human Resource Department will be able to provide you information on your medical benefits and/ or medical insurance coverage under your company’s group health insurance plan.

Private Health Insurance Plans
If you have purchased insurance policies, you may want to contact your insurer to verify your eligibility to make a claim e.g. under Critical illness.

International Expatriate Insurance Plans
If you are an expatriate and have an insurance plan that covers you globally, please contact your insurer to obtain information on your medical coverage. With a Letter of Guarantee, direct billing arrangement can be made with the insurer.

Wondering how you could obtain the best level of care and comfort for your loved ones or yourself?
We share with you the below information to help you assess and maximise your financial resources.
At Singapore Sports and Orthopaedics Clinic, the following modes of payment are available:

• Cash
• Nets
• Credit Cards
• Cheque

We accept all insurance, but do check with your insurance policy whereby you need to pay up front first. Payment is required upon completion of each visit.

How to utilise your Medisave and/or Medishield?

Payment is required upon completion of each visit at Singapore Sports and Orthopaedic Clinic. If you were to utilise your Medisave and/ or Medishield, the amount claimable will be in the form of re-imbursments by cheque.
Our clinic will assist you with the process of utilising your Medisave and/ or Medishield. In order to do so, you will need to provide us with the following:

1) Photocopies of patient’s and ^Medisave Account Holder’s NRICs
2) Information on your Medishield plan i.e. type of plan and name of insurer. Please bring along your CPF statement
3) Completed Medisave Authorisation Form for Outpatient Treatment

Singapore Sports and Orthopaedics Clinic will submit the information together with the invoices to the relevant parties. No further action will be required on your part.

Please note:
The bill will be paid by MediShield first before Medisave is withdrawn to settle the balance. The Medisave and MediShield claim cannot exceed the total bill.
It can only be used as in-patient which means it can only be used as subsidise for hospitalisation cases only.
^ If you do not have enough Medisave savings, you can use your immediate family members’ Medisave savings. Withdrawal limit is based on per patient.